Cracking the coding interview – a pyton experience

Cracking the Coding interview

Every day I spend one hour and a half in the bus. Actually those are the good days. The bad days it can be two hours or more.
This makes 7 hours 30 a week, if the week only has good days, without traffic jam. I don’t really remember any such a good week actually, but lets just stick to 7h 30 minutes a week.
I thought I could do something useful as well as funny during this time, like learning python.
After a basic python book I thought the best way to do it is just … do it. Practice.

Cracking the coding Interview ” (GAYLE LAAKMANN, 4th edition) would be a good way to start. It is a nice book which contains a lot of algorithm exercises and solutions. You can find it on amazon.

Let’s just take the problems from there and see how do their solutions look like in python. I’ll try to put a post here for each of them. I might not start with the beginning of the book, the Trees and Graphs chapter seems a good chapter to start with.

I will try keep here a table to track these posts.

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