Clean files on oracle server to free up disk space

I’m an oracle newbie .  Today I had to free up some disk space on our oracle server.

I had to:

  • Step1. delete old databases not used anymore
  • Step2. clean-up the database logs

Step1. delete old databases not used anymore 

  • ssh to the db sever with -X and run dbca
ssh -X oracle@myOracleServer

When dbca window opens, select “Delete Database”, then delete your databases.

Step2. Delete old logs

  • run adrci
  • show homes
adrci> show homes
ADR Homes
  • For each home delete all logs older than one day
adrci>  set homepath diag/tnslsnr/targaryen/listener
adrci> PURGE -age 1440 -type ALERT
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