ssh as Jenkins

It is simple, just ssh the machine where jenkins runs, then do:

sudo su -s /bin/bash jenkins

EDIT: Also works with

sudo -u jenkins -i



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5 Responses to ssh as Jenkins

  1. mebubo says:

    ssh sudo -u jenkins ?

    • mebubo says:

      I meant “ssh machine sudo -u jenkins”.

      ssh and sudo can be done in one step, and you don’t have to use su.

      Depending on what you need, you could also configure ssh login as jenkins, and then just “ssh -l jenkins machine”.

  2. mebubo says:

    …and what I really meant is “ssh machine sudo -u jenkins -i” 🙂

  3. esalagea says:

    Indeed, it works fine with “sudo -u jenkins -i” after doing ssh on the machine.
    Running the full command “ssh machine sudo -u jenkins -i” results in something wired, having a kind of prompt where I can type commands, but cannot use arrow keys (go left to edit text, go up in history), aliases do not exist (like ll), anyway not really usable.

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