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Create a RAID volume for docker

I had 2 hard drives and wanted to create a RAID volume and format it it with btrfs and use it for docker. Use lsblk comand to identify the disks to use sdb and sdd are the disks I want to use for raid. … Continue reading

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Recover a docker container which ran out of space with device mapper

When installing docker on a centos/redhat distribution the default copy-on-write file driver is device mapper and the default size for each container is 10Gb. As soon as the container exceeds this, it will crash, and , when trying to start … Continue reading

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Start a docker container on CentOS at boot time as a linux service

I have an amazon EC2 instance running RedHat 7, with docker service installed and enabled. I need a particular container to be started at boot time. I have done this by installing a service which runs after the docker service … Continue reading

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Install or upgrade to docker 1.8.x on ubuntu 15.04

Ubuntu 15.04 repositories only contain docker 1.5, therefore, this is the version you get if you apt-get install docker on ubuntu. If you need (and you should) latest version of docker (here 1.8.3), these are the steps you need to … Continue reading

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Increase disk size of docker containers when using device mapper

Hi. If you you are using docker with device mapper (for instance, the default config on a fedora system) you might want to change 2 things: * Increase the storage disk for one container which defaults to 10G * Increase … Continue reading

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