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Jenkins GitLab Oauth via https

I had previously configured our Jenkins to use our GitLab server, at, for authenticating users, using About GitLab Authentication Plugin. My company has recently moved the GitLab server connection to https. I had to edit the config.xml file and change … Continue reading

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[Solved] My Java application fails to connect to my Oracle database

Originally posted on Goldfish tips:
Problem Yesterday we faced a very weird issue: we have a Java application connecting to an Oracle DB via ojdbc6. In these days it stopped working, magically: no relevant changes in the system configuration or…

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Use JVisualVM to profile a remote JVM running on Amazon EC2 linux node

I have java server running on an amazon EC2 linux (RHEL 6) node. I don’t have X Windows System on this node. I’m running JVisualVM on a Windows node in order to profile the remote jvm. These are some configurations … Continue reading

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