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Exporting an Oracle user’s schema and importing it into another Oracle database

Exporting check the directory where the dump will be created select * from dba_directories where DIRECTORY_NAME = ‘DATA_PUMP_DIR’; export the schema into a dump file expdp \”SYS@MYDBTNSNAME AS SYSDBA\” owner=some_user file=some_user.dmp; Importing on the target machine check the dbdump folder … Continue reading

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Starting a VirtualBox VM at command line and get its IP

Today I’m working from home. I have an ssh connection to my linux desktop at work, but this windows VM I sometimes need is down. I need to start it up at the command line. first, list all VMs second, … Continue reading

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Jenkins GitLab Oauth via https

I had previously configured our Jenkins to use our GitLab server, at, for authenticating users, using About GitLab Authentication Plugin. My company has recently moved the GitLab server connection to https. I had to edit the config.xml file and change … Continue reading

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Jenkins: Opening Robot Framework log failed

After switching Jenkins from 1.6 to 2.something, I could no longer open the Robot Framework logs files.   The error I had was: • Verify that you have JavaScript enabled in your browser. • Make sure you are using a … Continue reading

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ssh as Jenkins

It is simple, just ssh the machine where jenkins runs, then do: sudo su -s /bin/bash jenkins EDIT: Also works with sudo -u jenkins -i    

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Create a RAID volume for docker

I had 2 hard drives and wanted to create a RAID volume and format it it with btrfs and use it for docker. Use lsblk comand to identify the disks to use sdb and sdd are the disks I want to use for raid. … Continue reading

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Recover a docker container which ran out of space with device mapper

When installing docker on a centos/redhat distribution the default copy-on-write file driver is device mapper and the default size for each container is 10Gb. As soon as the container exceeds this, it will crash, and , when trying to start … Continue reading

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